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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Monday Night Football!!!

       Well if your a big niner fan I sure hope you watched last nights game! Was definatly the best they have looked all season lol. I'll admit after last week I was a lil low on the niners and didnt really know what to expect this week on the road against the lowly cardinals. I was kinda hoping for the best but expecting the worst. But as soon as we started off running so well I changed my feelings. The beast Frank Gore ripping off two monster runs right out the gates gaining 52 yards before going down with a hip injury. And an early fumble and quick lead made me very excited. Finding out Gore was gonna be out the rest of the game (soon to find out the whole season) kinda made me worry. Especially with how well he was playing and the fact Troy Smith had gotten off to a rocky start. But wow did the O line and Brian Westbrook step up!!! Westbrook who hadnt gotten much PT all season came through huge with 136 yards on the ground and a TD. Rookie RB Anthony Dixon also made his presents felt with 54 rushing yards and a TD.  And the O line looked more dominant then I have ever seen them play. They just man handled the beefy cards D line and moved them around with ease. I really hope they can keep that up so we can continue to run down hill on teams. Could do a lil better at pass pertection but they are still young and will get better. Besides when it really mattered they gave Smith plenty of time to find someone or at least throw it away. Troy played very solid in my opinion. Nothing flashy or big to talk about really besides that beauty of a pass he threw to Crabtree for our first TD. But managed the game very well. Converted a few important third downs on his feet and threw the air. Besides that pick, which I honestly put more on Crabtree the Smith, he played great in my book.

       But enough cant be said about the D. First play was a fumble recovery giving the ball back to the offense in great field position and ultimatly leading to our first points. Kept Beanie Wells in check holding the whole Arizona team to only 13 yards on the ground(A new all time record low for the cardinals organization). Derek Andersons night didnt go much better going 16 for 35 for 196 yards 1 int and 0 TDs. Patrick Willis and Spikes played lights out and the talented wide outs on Arizona found it almost impossible to get open. I still feel like our secondary needs some major talent improvement they got the job done last night and thats all that matters

       All around great game with exception to the injury to Gore and sloppy field goal kicking. I hope a speedy recovery to Frank Gore and Joe Nedney but right now ima enjoy this win a hope we can keep it rolling

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